That's One Way to Say It

We had our last birth class on Monday. 5 weeks have never flown by so fast, I'm telling you. The final class the teacher was finishing up a few loose ends, one of which was a big chart with pictorial descriptions of "Causes for C-Sections". The teacher is going one by one, explaining each, and she pointed to the one with the small pelvis and asked "Who can tell me what's happening here?". My husband, in quite a loud declamatory voice piped up with "THE HEAD'S TOO BIG FOR THE HOLE." Well done sir. I suppose that is a bit easier to say than "cephalopelvic disproportion"

Also, my shower is this Saturday! Yay! And Joy just got into town today to go to it!!! DOUBLE YAY!! I can't wait for some hangin' w/ my sister time. Plus, Ash comes this weekend, and a bunch of my friends are able to make it out to Fres-yes for the festivities. I feel blessed, folks. Blessed, and hungry for a nice Reuben sandwich with xtra kraut. Mmmmm....Reuben...

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