Happy Father's Day!

My amazing hubby and his amazing daughter. Happy Daddy's day, honey.
What a week, you guys. I promise once I come up for air I'll relate the whole incredible (at least to me) story. Let's just leave it at this: nothing will ever be the same, in the best possible way.
Also, to all of you who will get a whole night's sleep tonite- treasure it like a perfect shimmering jewel. Sleep. Precious sleeeeeeeep.


Love at First Sight

It's possible. In fact it turns out it's inevitable. She's here. I'd say more, but I have an armfull of Gwendy right now and am typing one-handed.
Has anyone ever been this happy?
Gwendolyn Joy Fitzpatrick
1:04 am
7lbs, 10 oz.


Addendum to Previous Blog

The Full Moon can officially suck it too.


"Labor-inducing", my ass.

As of today, my official due date,
The Following Things Can Officially Suck it:

1. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea- shove it right up your hippie butts. It tastes like old socks, and has done nathans, as my sis would say.

2. Caioti Pizza's Maternity Salad- 8 bucks for some lettuce and dressing, and nothing doing.

3. Eggplant Parmigiana- I ate nearly an entire pan on my own. Delicious, but no dice.

4. Pineapple- ok, pineapple, i still love you. But you have not been the Cervical Miracle Worker I was promised.

5. Castor Oil: I have not taken this as it causes severe diarrhea and vomiting, both of which are not conducive to health in general or labor in particular.

6. The Suggestion That We Have Sex to Make Baby Come out: Not proven to work, and really folks, if you were me, would you be "in the mood"? I look like a small hippo, and I feel like a large hippo. Not sexy.

7. Walking: I think I have put about 20 miles on my flip flops the past 2 weeks. Baby? Still not here.

Ok, feel a little better now. This girl-child, she is like her momma, she does things in her own sweet time. I have a doc apt on Monday, and this Sunday is the FULL MOON (cue wind chimes) so maybe I'll have some good updates for you. Until then, pregnant I am, and pregnant I stay.


Conundrum Resolved

Ok, we're gonna wait. We will keep a scheduled induction for June 15th, just in case (10 days past due). But 3 days past her due date isn't enough to induce, in my 'umble opinion. So we wait. Until she's ready. Sigh...

A Conundrum...

Doc apt yesterday. Guess what? All the walking (5+ miles this weekend), pregnancy salad eating, Red Raspberry Leaf tea drinking, and various other "labor-inducing" shenanigans I've been partaking of have done NOTHING. NADDA. ZILCH-O. I am not dialated, not effaced, and pretty much closed like a sad lonely GM plant in the rust belt. So now my doc wants to talk about induction. Basically, her idea is let's do it on Monday, June 8th. So birth about 3-4 days after my due date. And we. are. mind-screwed.
See, I know like 'natural is best', 'let her come when she's ready', blah blah bliggety blah. But this kid is getting bigger and bigger....so if I wait we could end up w/ a c-section. Aint so much nature involved in that, huh? They only do the inductions on Mondays and Tuesdays each week- so if we don't go on the 8th or 9th, we are into the 42nd week...And after 42 weeks risk starts to go up (aging placenta, meconium in amnio fluid, some increase in stillbirth rate). So to me, like why not just do it and get it done? But then am I jumping the gun? You see how my mind chases itself like a dog after it's own tail?
And then there's the part of me that just wants to be done. Cause I want my baby and I want to not be pregnant anymore and I can't sleep and I walk around like a zombie. And while that's no reason to induce, it's hard to seperate the desire from making the decision. Argh.
I know this much- I will do whatever is ultimately best for Gwendolyn. I just don't know what that is....