Life Update, etc.

I haven't the energy for a clever title today, kiddos. I am Tired, with the capital "T" denoting the specialness and profundity of my Tiredness as opposed to the bourgeois, pedestrian tiredness the rest of the unwashed masses experience. Har de har har. I am wrapping up rehearsing Stage Door, which goes up tonight. I will be done with that on Saturday, and then I can go back to the lovely 10 odd hours of sleep a night that my body seems to be demanding. For this week, however, it's been work all day, run home for a bite to eat, and rehearse all night. Wash, rinse, repeat. I am having a really good time though- so nice to be rehearsing again, even if only for a 2-nighter.

Anywho, add to the lack of sleep the fact that my dogs decided inexplicably to get into a bad scrap (or maybe 'explicably', since there was a piece of chicken skin involved) that left Emmy with a weird limp last night- I don't know if this was the result of all 11 pounds of Percy's might knocking her ass over tea kettle, or a mistimed attempt of hers to jump up on the bed to get away from him (really, their rare little fights involve no biting, just a lot of noise and knocking into one another). She had no bite marks or injuries I could feel- I was up and down her leg pulling and pinching with no sign of pain, but she was limping and not her jovial self all night. She slept in bed with us and I was up about 4 times to check on her, poor puggy, and this morning called the vet to make an appointment to get her checked out. Literally as I was on the phone, she decided to put weight on her leg, eat all her food from the previous night, and sniff around for an errant piece of the aforementioned chicken. Vet said to give it a day before bringing her in. Arghh. Freakin' dogs.

BUT- me and Gav have tommorow off together (until I have to go to call) so I plan on sleeping in and having brunch and all the things that refuel me till the cows come home, followed by a Sunday of the same.

That's all. Baby is doing great, wigglin and kicking and being a growing fetus-child. I lerv her, you guys. I really, really do. Sometimes I swear she knows when I need a little pick me up, and gives me a kick in the belly so I know she's there. So really, I have nothing to complain about. Tell me to shut up. Ok, shutting up. Boo.

PS: I ought to post a belly pic soon- I think it's bigger, but in a weird way, like it's dropping down lower or something. Probably since I am not Christmas eating anymore, I'm not packing on poundage like last month. Good times.


Ultrasound pic- Week 20!

In addition to the "bingo!" shot where we learned we're getting a girl, we also go this lovely pic:

There's our gal Gwendy- looking all big and baby like. I've been feeling her squirm and kick the last couple of days- I got the first "for reals" kick on Friday and it's finally becoming a regular thing. I must tell you, in all seriousness, words to not do justice to the feeling of that baby moving, so I wont even attempt. Suffice it to say, it's something profound.
Oh, and so you don't think I'm one of those women who gets preggo and can only think of that, I am doing a fun part in a little production/staged-reading hybrid of Stage Door with the Antaeus Academy. We are semi-staging it, semi not, and only have about 2 weeks to rehearse. Quick and dirty theatre, that's how I likes it. So Gwendolyn is on the stage already, and let me tell you, she is a brilliant actress.
That's all. We plan on starting to register for bebe stuff this weekend- guaranteed to yield humorous results as Gavin negotiates the wild and wooley world of lactation accoutrement. Stay tuned.


It's a.....

Ok, first, quickly, my coworker Jen is Cuban, and she made me do this little gender predictor exercise. There are 2 chairs, one with a knife under it and one with a spoon, and the preggo gal picks one to sit in w/ out knowing which has which. If she picks the knife, boy. If she picks the spoon....

I got the spoon.
And, according to my ultrasound yesterday............
IT'S A GIRL!!!! Viva la Cuba!!!!
Gwendolyn Joy is on her way! Now it's time for us to go out and drown ourselves in frou-frou pinkness!! Wheeeeee!!


Belly Pics! Week 19-ish!

Here are some long-promised belly pics. If you are bored, go back to my first ones and marvel at the miracle of the ever-growing belly. Wild. At least to me. Oh flat belly of old, although thine demise is for a very noble cause, I do miss thee.
First, about a week and a half ago (so like, 17th-ish. Lord knows I don't get this timing crap), at Joy's and Kev's house in NY:

And then, tonite: DUM DUM DAHHHH!!!!

Now, clearly, some of this must be more than a week or two's growth. I find the belly size is very dependent on whether I have recently eaten, as new fitzbaby pushes old stomach to new and scarey places. Oh pregnancy, you weird and wiley thing, you. But, in just a few short days, I am officially half way there...GAH!!!