The new man in my life...

Meet George. At first, he took some getting used to. You see, I've had the same man in my bed for many years now, and getting used to George's....well....bulk... took some time. And now- well now I can't go to bed without him. At first Gavin was jealous- but the other night, I came to bed only to find him sound asleep, spooning George in a loving embrace. While it was disturbing, I am all for harmony in the home, and Gavin has been very nice about sharing our bed with a third. George relaxes me, and puts me into positions I've never experienced before. In short, even though it's only the beginning of the relationship, I think I'm gonna have to keep sleeping with him. For about another 3 1/2 months anyway. Here's a pic of him:

And so you get an idea of his size, and how I sleep with him, here's a pic of him with his ex:

Looks like she was preggo too. Some guys are just into that, I guess.


Photos! Cause I gave you my word!

We went to Hell's Kitchen (the show, not the neighborhood) in week 22 . I haven't gotten even remotely dressed up in 3 months, so I thought I'd include a pic:

And then Week 23:

And this week, week 24! More than halfway there- only four months to go really!

Not too dramatic from when I first "popped", but every Thursday I measure my circumfrence using toilet paper squares (hey, it's always around) and, I went up 1/3 of a square between wk 23 and 24. (Keep in mind, week 23 in pregnancy time means 22 weeks plus x days, cause then your like, in your 23rd week, or some such nonsense. I don't really get it- I just go by the little ticker that emails me)
PS: Why do I always look sleepy in these pictures? Must be after 8pm...


5 tidbits of thought, covered in savory mozzarella.

I am woefully owing in belly pictures, I swear I will take one tonight. But anyways, here are some things floating around my brain:

1. What about a tax credit for buying an American car? I know it'd piss off foreign car makers a bit, but wouldn't pumping assloads of money into the American companies piss them off even more? And this would still allow for competition within the American brands. Plus, I'd like to get a chunk back for buying my partial zero emissions focus when I coulda bought a Hyundai....I may be a selfish bitch, but I am also an honest bitch.

2. Hey, President Obama, I'm super glad you apologized so emphatically for all those tax-evading nominations. I was impressed, as always, by your lack of bullshit and very non-politiciany candor. But in the future, could you please maybe have your LEGIONS OF STAFF do a slightly better vetting job? Cause we liberal types already get enough shit about taxes, without having a bunch of our higher-ups not paying them.

3. Hey, Mr. Cheney, would you just go dry up some where? While I agree managing terrorists is a dirty job, I refuse to believe it is one that requires us to shit on our own Constitution, or on human rights for that matter.

4. I have done research on vaccinations vs no vaccinations. I am going with vaccinations.

5. I need to read some good books. All I have read for about 6 months are books about pregnancy and birth, and it's never a good idea to know that much about one's own uterus.

That's all. Belly picture soon, I promise.