Photos! Cause I gave you my word!

We went to Hell's Kitchen (the show, not the neighborhood) in week 22 . I haven't gotten even remotely dressed up in 3 months, so I thought I'd include a pic:

And then Week 23:

And this week, week 24! More than halfway there- only four months to go really!

Not too dramatic from when I first "popped", but every Thursday I measure my circumfrence using toilet paper squares (hey, it's always around) and, I went up 1/3 of a square between wk 23 and 24. (Keep in mind, week 23 in pregnancy time means 22 weeks plus x days, cause then your like, in your 23rd week, or some such nonsense. I don't really get it- I just go by the little ticker that emails me)
PS: Why do I always look sleepy in these pictures? Must be after 8pm...


Lisa said...

lol toilet paper squares? thats great! Should I send you a fabric measuring tape you can keep on hand?

The Fitzlosopher: said...

I have one- but TP Thursday is oh so convenient! :)

Ash said...

you are SO pregnant! yay, baby!

toliet paper squares, huh?