From June to June

How is it that in a brief 365 days my little girl could go from this:

To this:
??? I don't know, but I stand in "adoring awe" of this child.

June is sort of our juggernaut month- Gwen's birthday, father's day, our wedding anniversary, and my birthday all fall within a couple of weeks of each other so I have been lax in blogging. I have a bizillion pictures to post from Gwen's first birthday party and Gramma and Grampa's trip out to New York to see her, but I just wanted to make sure I marked this momentous time in my mind (and on this blog!) while it's fresh.

So here is the world of Gwendolyn Joy in June of 2010. She surprises us every day now with new words, actions, abilities, and displays of affection. She started singing last week "Ahh Bahh...Emenemo" for the ABC song. She dances with an incredible rump-shaking movement she learned from only God knows where. She crawls up to you and demands "UP!" with an over-pronounced "P" sound so you know she means business. She pats Daddy's hair and gives Momma kisses and cuddles upon request (barring a bad mood, of course:). And, she ADORES this hairy freak :
beyond the telling of it and refers to him as "Eh-mo!" She can say Emmy's name and stroke her fur and giggles through Percy's sloppy kisses. She loves any source of water and happily splashes until pruney in the bath every night. In short, she is a person now, not just a baby, and it both exhilarates me and breaks some small part of my heart as I feel her hurtle ever onward towards needing me less. And that is being a parent, and by God, it's pretty damn awesome.