Bits and Bites

Here's life in brief flashes:
1. Started working w/ Mom in Parkslope. So far, it's a really good fit and lets me work around Gavin's schedule without needing someone to look after Her Highness, which is great. But man it's hard to walk out the door every day and leave that baby, even though it's with her loving Daddy.

2. My sister Joy's birthday is this weekend- she will turn the Dirty Thirty, and to celebrate, we are having a bowling/dinner party. Cause that's how we roll. Literally.

3. If the drain in your tub all-of-a-sudden clogs and leaves you with a foot of standing water, and two bottles of Draino does nothing, it may just be that you have the metal thingy in the "up" position, and you don't have a clog at all.

And now, photos:


Cause she does:

With Kyle:

Already Gwen makes boys bow before her:


Someday Your Child May Cry, and If You Sing this Lullaby...

Some days are harder than others, missing my Dad. Luckily, God gave Gwen Dad's smile, all brand new again. I can't tell you what a comfort it is to see it.
Here's both of them at around 6 months old:


It Takes a Village. Or at Least, One Very Tall Man.

I love it when I am reminded of why I married my mister. (It's because he is an awesome, awesome man).
Case in point. He was riding home on the subway yesterday at rush hour. It was standing room only, and barely that, with people packed in like sardines. He heard this baby screaming- not crying, but just shrieking repeatedly in that way babies do when they find out they have voices and decide to practice with them. I know this sound well, and it kind of makes you want to shove a screwdriver in your ear when you are not on a crowded train, so I can imagine this atmosphere. He kept hearing this woman say "shhh....shhh" quietly to the baby, and noticed there was also a little boy of about 5, getting more and more keyed up and loud as well.

Then he saw the owner of said baby and boy stand up from the baby carriage where she was trying to hush the screamer. "Honey, she reminded me so much of you", said fitzhubby, as he related all this to me last night. "She just had that look of trying so hard and coming within two seconds of losing her shit- I have seen that exact look on your face at 3:30 in the morning!" (I chose not to take offense to this- I know what he meant). She was "white knuckling" the support bar of the train. So my hubby reached over and patted her arm and said "Hey. It's ok! Don't worry about us. It's fine. You're doing a great job." This poor girl looked over at him and just burst into tears. She actually hugged hubby (this is an NY subway, people) and was so grateful that someone simply understood. My hubs explained that we have a baby too, and that sometimes you just have to accept they will not be great in public and "set it free".

Meanwhile, when my husband said "Don't worry about us." some douche behind him actually snorted in disgust. Gav turned and gave a look over his shoulder but couldn't decide who the scoffer was so he didn't say anything. They chatted about parenthood, etc, and finally the chick's stop came up. Gav told her little boy to help his mom with the groceries and get his coat on- the kid listened way more when it was a male stranger telling him what to do, and in my experience small boys love to be put in the capacity of "helper" rather than "additional child driving me crazy".

So as the chick is trying to get her children and groceries and stroller off the train before the doors close, this guy, mid-fourties in an expensive suit with his briefcase and coat on the floor of the subway, nose buried in a Kindle (a very likely candidate for the aforementioned scoffer), is blocking her way, and either ignoring or not hearing the woman's "Excuse me, sir"s.

Here's where Gav raises his awesomeness to a whole new level. He said "Dude, can you move for the lady?" and when the guy actually ROLLED HIS EYES(!!) Gav took his foot and nonchalantly swept the guys stuff to one side. He helped the lady get off the train, and as she was going, said to her little boy "See, there's two ways you can be. Don't grow up to be like that guy!". And off they went.

As he turned back to the train, douchey actually says "No one talks to me that way!" Gav says "I just did. If you want to further discuss it, I get off at the next stop." Whereupon douchey was suddenly back in his Kindle (seriously, how do you pull out the "No one talks to me that way" and then back down?? Perhaps he was just voicing an obeservation...). On his way off the train, hubby's parting words were- "Well, we're at my stop. You coming?" to which there was no response, predictably.

Now, I know, this was all a little over the top, and likely a direct result of Gavin being a new dad and uber sensitive to the plight of new parents w/ loud babies in small places (can we say THREE cross country flights in 60 days??). But I have never been so proud that my husband is a good, good person, who isn't afraid to stand up for people who are at the end of their rope. Kudos, dear. And to his parents, who sometimes read this blog, you done good raising that boy. I can only hope I do as well with our kids.



So now for the traditional posting of New Year's resolutions!!

1.Get a handle on what I want to do career-wise. This is the biggy. I need to get focused and truly decide what I'd like to do for the next 30 years and then do it. Oh, if only someone would ring my bell like the Publisher's Clearing House crew and present me with a career in the arts that is fulfilling, flexible, and lucrative, while making a difference to disenfranchized youth and/or animals. Or, you know, they could just drop off the 10 Million dollar check. Either way.

2. Eat more vegetables. S'riously. I am all about carbos lately. I think it's the breastfeeding- once that's over and I'm not burning the extra calories if I keep on the way I've been I'll turn into a soft doughy ball. And then I'd want to eat myself, because of the aforementioned love of carbos.

3. Spend more time with my dogs. It's hard, with a Gwendy who demands so much attention. But I need more walks and cuddles with my fur-children. Even if sometimes I want to throttle Emmy with both hands, like tonight when she ate her kibbies too fast and then vomed it in six different puddles on my dining room carpet. Easy-to-clean kitchen floor? No vom. Light colored carpet? Vom City, USA.

That's all. I mean, there are more I'd like to add, like learn at least a little guitar or keyboard and become better organized and save money. But lets be reals- I have a lot on my plate right now, and three is a very manageable and realistic number of goals. So let's just see how I do with those and if by say March I am a vegetable eating, dog cuddling Acting Writing Director, I'll revise the list. K? K.