Bits and Bites

Here's life in brief flashes:
1. Started working w/ Mom in Parkslope. So far, it's a really good fit and lets me work around Gavin's schedule without needing someone to look after Her Highness, which is great. But man it's hard to walk out the door every day and leave that baby, even though it's with her loving Daddy.

2. My sister Joy's birthday is this weekend- she will turn the Dirty Thirty, and to celebrate, we are having a bowling/dinner party. Cause that's how we roll. Literally.

3. If the drain in your tub all-of-a-sudden clogs and leaves you with a foot of standing water, and two bottles of Draino does nothing, it may just be that you have the metal thingy in the "up" position, and you don't have a clog at all.

And now, photos:


Cause she does:

With Kyle:

Already Gwen makes boys bow before her:

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