Reality Check

This will be a brief one. I have baby shower pics (it was a wonderful shower, thanks again everyone) a'comin from my good friend Ash, whose camera kicks my cameras ass, but until they arrive I thought I'd share a little moment of, well, reality with you. I woke up yesterday and the first thing I saw was this:

Oh yeah kids, that's right. It's a Gwendy bed. Our daughter is really, really coming. In like, less than a month. Holy Crap.

We kind of have a humble little "nurserette" going on in our bedroom until our lease is up in August and we can swing a bigger place- she'll sleep in the Pack-N-Play basinette until we can set up her lovely crib in the new pad. It's small, but no parents ever prepared for a baby with more excitement and love.

So there. Reality. Yeah.

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C. said...

I can totally relate. ;)