Shower pics! Finally!

As promised, a million shower photos. It was just the best shower ever. Really, I cannot say how grateful I am to my awesome friends and fam. Enjoy!

Our gorgeous nephew William, being gorgeous.

I am all about Tummy Play....

Everyone got something they liked at our shower, even Tony:

Phil and Mo enjoying the magic of pregnancy hormones:

Me and the Mr.

Lucy being helpful, cause she's great:

Gavin: Gay or Weird? You decide...

I'm going with Weird.

My awesome inlaws and the Mr. and Me.

Caption not needed:

Two of these men know what Gavin is in for. One of them is Gavin.
Can you tell which is which?:

Rockin hand-made shoes from my sis-in-law Alex:

Guess who Aunt Joy is...

Fresno State crew, with Lucy filling in for Brooke:

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C. said...

That looked like a great shower! (especially because you had beer there.) I love those handmade shoes! You look muy pretty and Gavin is quite obviously beside himself with glee. ;)