The Last Hurrah

Yesterday I got an unexpected day off from work- and miracle of miracles, it happened to coincide with Gavin's day off too! So we went down to the Santa Monica Pier and had ourselves a Last Day Off Together Without the Baby. We know that once she's here it will be wonderful, etc, but we've been 'just us' for going on 5 years now, and it felt fitting to mark the occasion of that coming to an end with some fun. We played skeeball and air hockey at the arcade, and saw a momma and baby harbor seal duo sunning themselves on some guys boat, and sat and watched the carousel horses for a bit... and then my body reminded me it was NINE MONTHS PREGNANT, so we drove off to a nice lunch that didn't involve me walking anywhere. We rented dopey movies, and noshed on junk, and remembered why we are married in the first place. For the tax benefits. No,just kidding, it's cause we'd rather spend time with each other than with anyone else on earth.
But now we are back to reality. I am becoming increasingly tired- it reminds me of way back in first trimester. And there still seems to be a ton of crap to get done. This weekend is the big house cleaning festival- joy of joys. You haven't lived till you've seen someone of my current proportions harnessing the "Cleaning power of oxygen!" and deploying the "Power of Pinesol!".
OH, and I'm worried about the heat! We've already had a few 90+ degrees days here and all we have is one lame-o window air conditioner in our bedroom. The hubs and I can tough it out, but what about Ms. Girl? The only kind of ac we could get for the front room would be a portable, since we don't have traditional windows, and those start at 279 freakin dollars!! GAH!! BOO!!
We'll fig it out though. I must remind myself to be zen, calm, maternal-type woman. Yes, like, shakras and chimes and all that mess. Ohm. Or something.


Optimus Primate said...

Ohm: is that like Aum for the electronic age? ;)

The Fitzlosopher: said...

See, I so knew it. I knew when I typed it there was a real way to spell that sound, and you'd be the one to A: Know what it was, and B: Call me out on it. Turd Ferguson. That's your new new. OOOoooooohhhhmmmmmmmmm!!!!

C. said...

We're tring to do "couple stuff" too. That's why I decided we should see Star Trek on Mother's Day and then go eat a big old meal at one of our fave places. Our 8 year honeymoon ;) is coming to an end but I'm sure it'll be worth it. I'm pretty sure anyway.

And in regards to the AC; this is the perf time to appeal to the tender hearts of Gwennie's grandparents!! They don't want their grandchild to suffer in the heat do they??

The Fitzlosopher: said...

Yay for couple time! And we'll get the ac hooked up- it's just one of those mundane stupid not fun things I hate spending money on. But I'm sure when this weekend rolls around and it's hot as hades I'll feel differently! :)

Kelly said...

Mia's first few months were spent in Hawaii with no AC...she was naked a lot. Happy naked newborn! It was cute. Until she peed.