I pinch...plus, 32 weeks pictures!

We had our Prepared Birthing class again last night. I like the title of it. Because, really, I'm gonna get the epidural. Even if I decide before the big day that I wont get it (and to be honest, there have been times recently when I want to see what I'm made of and tough thru it sans drugs), I know that when I'm in that hospital, with my lady bits all aflame, and there is the option of sweet sweet relief available as soon as I say "ok!", I will cry uncle. I know myself. I have come to grips with it, and you should too. If I believed there was a chance the epi would hurt my kid, that'd be a different animal, but whatever, I don't want to start some debate over natural vs medicated labor, because it's one of those topics people get WAY too passionate about and start talking out of their asses, etc. Ok, the most rambling paragraph ever ends with this: I like it being called "Prepared Birthing" because I want to have all the info and then make my own choices. And that's what I'm doing.
So last night's class was about breath and using it to manage labor. Ya see, beyond the pain part of child birth, there is also the fact that one will feel the need to push before one should actually do so, potentially resulting in massive sadness for aforementioned lady bits if one succumbs to said urge. To put it simply, you SHOULD NOT push until the doc says, "Go for it!". But how does one overcome what is basically a visceral and unavoidable need? Well, it will gratify my acting teachers to know its all about breath. This was a cool thing about the class last night- it all tied into stuff I've learned in voice and movement training. Releasing breath is a release of tension, and also an expulsion of energy. So instead of bearing down, we were instructed to puff out our air ( i wont go into the details of all the techniques involved- go get pregnant and learn for yourself if you wanna). But it's impossible to clench down while releasing all your air- you are already expelling your energy on the breath. Cool.
And then for pain, we used another kind of breathing- this sort of hard pant (there were like 3 options for types of pants, again, go get a book). This connected breath to the tension in your body, and distracted your mind from the pain. Here's where Gavin had to pinch me on the leg. I thought this would be a mild/moderate pinch, but as our fake contractions "peaked", the guys (and gal) were supposed to "Give em all ya got!".
Wow! Poor Gavin didn't know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt. I mean,here's his wife, all pregnant with his kid, and he's supposed to hurt her on purpose. And it's me we're talking about. Lord knows I'd be scared to pinch me and then go home with me. I actually had to hit his arm to make him pinch hard enough. The cool thing was, it worked- I really was distracted from focusing on the pain. To prove this, the guys gave us a quick little pinch afterwards and we all jumped- a reaction none of us had while breathing. Now, I am not going to tell you I didn't feel anything, but my mind was not solely focused on the pain, which lessened it.
We then watched a video/had a talk about the stages of labor, and when to go to the hospital, etc. I proudly inform you that my husband was the only man who didn't squirm when the placenta was delivered, and actually said out loud how amazed he was at how that thing keeps a baby alive for 9 + months. Ladies and gentleman, he is ready.
Next week is coaches night- where Gavin gets his marching orders. He is stoked about this. I think men in general feel better when they have a job to do.
Oh! And I had my 2 week doc appointment before the class. Fetal heartbeat strong as a horse, I am measuring right on track, my weight gain is perfect, and the baby is already upside down and ready to rock and roll! Yay uncomplicated pregnancy!
Here are some pics of me from last night post-class/pre-bed. 32 weeks, kids! Only 2 months to go....maybe even less....Squeeeee!!!
I look like that crazy Suleman chick in these last two...


Optimus Primate said...

The saddest thing is, after reading all of that, my first reaction was "Poor Gavin!"

Am I allowed to tell you that you look beautiful? :)

C. said...

I agree with how you felt about the birthing class - we loved it too. And I am so open to getting an epidural. My plan is basically to go with the flow.

P.S. You look super cute! I remember when I was that size, oh, way back in week 22. I am so serious.

Ash said...

The breathing thing totally equals voice class, right?

Degree in acting/childbirth. Amen.

You look fab. And you will so rck the socks off of labor. I wish I could be there to witness the awesomeness. Though now I am starting to get nervous that I DON'T get to be there, sort of like the nervousness you must have felt when Lucy Fran was coming.

The Fitzlosopher: said...

Dennis- you can, and thanks. When feeling a bit whale-ish, it's especially nice to hear.
C- I really cannot wrap my mind around 2 whole babies. You are sort of my hero.
Ash- I KNOW. I was so worried about you the night she was born I almost stormed into that mean hospital.

Anne said...

Oh, Nicole, you should never compare yourself to OctoMom - what a freak she is. You are light years smarter and definately more beautiful.

And as for Ashley's labor. I told the charge nurse on the phone, "I don't CARE what your regulations are. I'm her f.... mother, I'm 3000 miles away and I want to know what's going on." So they broke the rules and told me!

Virginia said...

You look beautiful Nicole! Hope all is going well, so glad you found my blog!