Don't mess with the bees. They will sting you in the face.

Jeez, what a day, and it's barely begun yet. As I mentioned in my last blog, we had some bees inside the eves of the house that overhangs our backyard. . As seen here:

The guy came yesterday while I was at work and removed the honeycomb(!) and killed (relocated?) what bees remained. The weird thing is, we thought he'd already been there. You see, when we left the house at 4 on Monday, things looked like they do in that picture above. And when we returned at 5:30, there were about 30 bees crawling on the ground in a sort of beemageddon (beepocalypse?) and just a couple in the eves. We assumed someone had sprayed, but no. Some mysterious event culled the bees. I think it was that lady from Britain's Got Talent. She's everywhere these days.

Anywho, those bees must have wanted revenge. Emmy had been stung a couple of times in previous days, but I was always there to give her Benadryl and pull out stingers. Well, apparently she must have found a straggler last night, because this morning I awoke (after evil dog next door had been howling to himself for a full hour) to find her covered in hives and with a face like this:

Granted, her eyes are closed, not swollen shut in this picture, so it's not as bad as it looks. But still!! And when I went to the bathroom to get her Benadryl, someone (I'm looking at you, Gavin) had neglected to correctly cap both the Day and Night-quills, and then knocked them over, so a big syrupy sludge-puddle of orange and blue-green was making its way down the bathroom shelves. Argh. I shoulda had a V8. Or something.


C. said...

Poor little Emmy!!

Optimus Primate said...

That poor baby!

Ashley said...

oh. my. god. poor emmy fitz!

Yeshivish Atheist said...

I actually stepped on a bee hive a few years ago when I was a little *crazy*. Thankfully most of the stings were on my arms.

Anyway, I'm sorry about your dog. Are things doing better now?

The Fitzlosopher: said...

Thanks for everyone's concern. She's fine. Emmy's goal in life is to have every minor-yet-inconvenient ailment known to canine-kind. We recently discovered she is also allergic to her plastic bowl. Sigh. What can you expect from a dog breed as far removed from the wolfy blueprint as a pug? Still, she is worth it, the little grublet.