Junk in my Trunk

OMG, look at what I found this weekend at a yardsale for 20 bucks!!!! Click pictures to bigify:

I had been wanting an old trunk to use as a coffee table- our former coffee table, while awesome, is really for a bigger space and plus lacks the ability to store air mattress/guest bedding like my fab trunk can- it will live in storage until a bigger place is found. Special shout out to Gavin and Tony for carrying it the 4 blocks to my house like a pair of lost pirates. Here is trunk of awesomeness in the living room:

20 freakin bucks, people. Gawd, i love a bargain. Of course, I managed to poke a hole in the air mattress only the day before by trying to shove it under my bed, thinking I would never find a trunk for under 200 bucks and so would not be getting one in the near future and therefore needed a space to store said air mattress. Irony, you are truly a nasty ho. But wait, is that really ironic? Or is it merely unfortunate, like all the crap in that Alanis Morisette song? Yeah, just unfortunate. Ironic would be if the trunk itself poked the hole....I think. My head hurts.


Optimus Primate said...

I think ironic would be, like, if Gavin sold his watch to buy you your twenty-dollar trunk, and you opened it up to find a set of tortoise-shell combs or something.

The Fitzlosopher: said...

See, that story always bugged me. Cause really, could she enjoy that comb knowing he'd sold his most valuable posession to get it? Or would he really like the chain looking at his bald wife every day? They were just trying to one-up eachother. Friggin martyr syndrome. Plus major lack of communication. They need Dr. Phil.

Kelly said...


Nice trunk...good deal. I am happy for your bargain. I do not think the pillows I made would match your living room...but I have them...just need your address which was deleted with Myspace. If'n you still want them email address: jules.decap@gmail.com

You could always give them to someone else. I don't needs 'em!

Also, I heart your blog.

Optimus Primate said...

Right? The first time I read it, I was like, "I hope these two kept their receipts."

cortnie said...

Thank the lord for garage sales! Without them at least one half of our furniture would not exist.

Anne said...

LOVE the trunk - I am a trunk junkie - I have about a dozen in various sizes. If you get tired of yours, I'll take it!!

PS - I always disliked that dumb story.