Week 27

First, Some photos, mostly for my fam who were asking for belly updates:

This one below has sort of become the "control" outfit- mostly cause I wear the swishy pants (made as wedding present from Brook lo these 4 years ago) so much that the "velvet" has worn off and the individual pants molecules are holding hands just to keep the whole thing together.

FINALLY, we are getting more impressive from the front!
I really need to vary my poses- I know. It's just that it becomes increasingly hard not to feel foolish taking these- and my face usually looks bored, or goofy, or both when I try to "smile for the camera". Whatever- we all know it's just belly you're interested in anyway!!
In baby development news- I now can feel kicks in two places at once, simultaneously, as she is big enough to touch both top and bottom of belly when she stretches out. Last night it looked like the creature from Alien was trying to burst forth from my belly- sounds horrible, but it cracked me and Gavin up for a good half hour (we don't get out much these days...).
OH! and Gavin and I are trying to swear off swearing. Mostly just the big bad ones. We are thinking that A: Usually cursing just means you are being lazy in your choice of words- we have way better ones to express ourselves, so we might as well use them and B: I don't cherish the idea of cursing so much around a baby- I know, I know, it's bound to happen, and for the first few months she wont really be picking up too much- but she'll be fresh and new and...I dunno, it couldn't hurt to lessen the sailor speak. SO the way it works is, when one of us slips up and uses an expletive, the other one has to call them out. That becomes a strike. You get 10 strikes and then your spouse gets a prize of their choice. So far, potential prizes have been a weeks worth of unlimited control of the remote, spouse has to do dog bathing for three months, or spouse does all the cooking and shopping duties for 2 weeks. Since SundayGavin has three strikes. I have none. HA! I think i have this one in the bag.


C. said...

That is too funny because G and I have been discussing that same thing! We've also talked about how we would like to be less "critical" of others, on T.V., real life, etc. - At least while in earshot of the babies. Knowing you'll be the role models for fresh and innocent little beings is a lot of pressure - Damn! (That's why we don't have strike system...I would be doing major time.)

C. said...

P.S. I love the belly!

The Fitzlosopher: said...

Today as I was driving in my car talking to my sister I said the F word like 3 dozen times- I think my strike system is only working when I know I can get caught!! :)

Ashley said...

I occasionally like to swear off swearing, too. It never lasts for very long for me. But I wish you no strikes, and I will try not to let foul-mouthed Lucy ruin little Gwen. ; )

Your belly looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know lots of !!! are annoying but you really do deserve them.

The Fitzlosopher: said...

The current strike tally is:
Gavin: 6
Nicole: 1
These are just f bombs, mind you. We still say all the others with reckless abandon.
And we both know that when Lucy and Gwen get together, and are out of our earshot, they will swear like wee sailors, cause they will be trying to show eachother how cool they are.

Anne said...

One of my daughters - her name starts with an "A" - favorite expressions at the age of 2 was "Oh, shit!" It was also her grandmothers favorite expression.