Space, the Final Frontier

Spring has Sprung, or is, at least, in the process of Springing. And I, like the wee birdies, am in the process of "nesting". Now, I have always been a nester- someone who likes to carve out a little haven of home in any place she lives, no matter how temporary or how weirdly and inappropriately configured that place may be (I am looking at you, Brooklyn apartment). But with Gwen's arrival becoming ever more impending, I have entered a frenzied state of nesting the likes of which the world, or more particularly Gavin, has never seen. Before you read further, I must point out that the following blog is probably not interesting at all, but it's whats going on w/ me right now, so there you go. You've been warned.

Our current apartment is cute, and modern. I picked it out with the thought that it would take us many months to get pregnant, so the fact that it is postage stamped sized would not matter. It's a guest house that has a ginormous private outdoor space, and I had visions of wine soaked springtime parties and Gavin and I eating dinner al fresco. Little did I know that we would get "in the fambly way" literally our first month of occupancy, and I would be trying to figure out how to fit an additional person who happens to come with a whole lot of "supplies" into a space the size of the waiting room at your doctors office.

S'ok, though. Our lease is up in September, and Ms. Gwen would be in the room with us the first few months anyways. So we will make it work. Step one, creative storage. I have under-the-bed boxes, those clear rolly closet drawer things, stuff under the couch- any damn where there is space, there be stuff. Step two, weeding thorough said stuff so as to have less of it. I am going through all our drawers and closets and condensing like I work at the Campbell Soup factory. Goodbye, clothes I keep but never wear. S'long, Hibachi grill that leaks propane so that when you cook something you smell farts the whole time. I have weeded out quite a bit, but the real push will be this weekend, when I address our li'l storage shed....shudder....

And in funner (for me, anyway) activities, Step Three, make the most of the space we have by making it nice. I am refinishing most of our bedroom furniture so that it is lighter and brighter and at least pretends to match one another. I got new bedding to make the room seem bigger and fresher (special shout out to my ultra-patient mother-in-law who spent like 5 hours going from store to store to find matching pillow shams this weekend). Also, last weekend I finished Gwendy's dresser that we got from the junk/antique store a few weeks back. It is super cute w/ little kitties carved into the top. Here's some pics of my efforts w/ it:

After: I did like a distressed/crackle thing to it- much easier than sanding it down to bare wood. It looks a bit like snake skin in this picture (yuck) but I promise it's cuter in person and not at all like a Def Leppard member's pants. I still may get some new hardware- maybe pink glass knobs...whee! Girly!

And a close up of the kittehs:

We also did some registry updating. Now that the initial "seal" has been broken, tweaking the existing registry is not as scary a process. Still, here is Gavin vs. Babies R Us. I think Babies R Us is winning:

We did manage to pick out a new stroller, though (the one he is holding on to like a life raft in this picture, as a matter o'fact) and this lovely crib, which is kinda sweet and ole fashioned and goes with the swoopy back of the kitteh dresser:

So there you have it. Not my most entertaining blog, but hey, what did you want for free? More tummy pics soon, I promise.
OH! Also, both Joy and Ash are coming to my baby shower in May!!!!! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Just saying. Ok, done now.


Optimus Primate said...

You are many things, my friend. Boring is not one of them.

The Fitzlosopher: said...

Thanks friend. Sometimes domestic blogging makes one feel....well...domestic.

Ash said...

Love that dresser! Super cute. And I can't wait to see you at the shower. Lucy Fran says hi.

C. said...

Personally, I happen to love domestic-minded blogs as that is the current state of my mind pretty much 99.9% of the time.

We feel the same way about Babies R Us. It's like walking into a vast and unforgiving empire where you don't understand the language. It's scary and hella overwhelming. Now I just add stuff to our registry from the safety of our computer at home.

P.s. I love the dresser!! Don't be mad but I think those kitties look like squirrels. But I happen to love squirrels.

The Fitzlosopher: said...

They do have a certain squirrelishness to them- I love them too. When I was a kid I called them "Squirmels".