The Greatest Celebrity Sighting, Ever.

Living in Los Angeles, one sees celebrities from time to time. Most often, it's reality show peeps (I have now run into Santino from Project Runway in two completely different places). But yesterday, as I had lunch in Studio City, something truly magical happened. I saw this man:

Yes, that's right, Stephen Root, who (among many other roles) played "Milton" from Office Space. It's kind of an odd coincidence, as A: I recently re-watched Office Space for shits and giggles, like less than a week ago, and B: A coworker gave me his orange Swingline stapler as a gift (thanks Ian) three days after said viewing. And now, the trinity is complete. Thanks, LA. You certainly are bizarre, aren't you?

PS: He is a lot better looking in person. He'd have to be, huh?


Alison said...

s talent agent comes into my Starbucks all the time and says he is the nicest guy ever! You should come hang at my store and we celebrity spot alllll day!

Ash said...

mt latest NY celeb sighting was PC Guy (from the mac commercials) in park slope. and of course, steve buschemi, like, every other day.

(I think a Swingline stapler is a nice gift.)