A Message From the Management

I, Nicole, Queen of...well...this blog, do herebye declair a moratorium on the following words/phrases/semantical practices:

1. The word "fierce", except when in reference to wild animals.

2. The use of the surname "licious" added to words. Girlicious, bootylicious, f*&kingstupidwordlicious, all of you are done. Delicious, you are still ok. For now.

3. Rhyming "Obama" with "Mama", or any other "ama" word. Its lame and not as clever as you seem to think. Stop it.

That is all. We reserve the right to add on as we see fit. Thank you.

-The Management


Ash said...

But I *AM* a momma. And I like Obama.

Can I still be a Momma-for-Obama?

With my Llama?

Optimus Primate said...

This blog is Fitzlicious.

Although, seriously, I got rid of my CAPTCHAs for you!

The Fitzlosopher: said...

I know dude, I know. But they got me all a'scared with the spamming possibilites...i'll probably change it due to my raging guilt.