Procrastination Sensations

I have a boring task to get back to for work, but I need a break, so I figured I'd update as to the doings of my wild glamorous life.
Let's see...
1. Shock of the year- a child of mine is more verbal than physical. Gwendy is still not crawling- or more accurately, not crawling with any measure of success. She occasionally gets into crawl stance, but then only manages to go backwards to her eternal chagrin. She is, however, incredibly vocal. Only this week she added "Hi!", "Up", and "This" to her vocab. She is delighted with both dogs, and summons them to her by slapping the couch and shouting "EH!!" She has also figured out how to sit up from a lying down position, but not how to get back down, so every once in a while I'm called to her room in the middle of the night to find her sitting there in the dark like an adorable gargoyle.

2. This summer is shaping up to be pretty awesome. Gavin and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in June, as well as Gwen's first b-day! His folks are coming from Cali for the big party- can't wait to see them. Plus these a Lake George trip planned with the fam in August, and lots of nice little weekends with Joy on the beach out East. I LOVE East Coast Summer!!

3. Surreal moment- thinking about what to do for my mom for mother's day, and then going "Hey- holy crap. I am a mom too!".

4. And finally, something to ponder. I live in a very Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. The women dress 'modestly', in black skirts, etc. and the men rock the big hats/long coats/prayer shawl look. But something that I noticed a few months ago- the women all wear wigs. I couldn't fathom it. Well, turns out it's from the whole "married women have to cover their hair" modesty /"your hair is only for your husband" thing. But like, they are covering their hair with fake hair. That would be like covering your cleavage with a shirt depicting cleavage. Anywho, it's apparently a HUGE industry in these parts. Some of these wigs cost thousands of dollars. Color me intrigued/baffled. And now, photos:

She was so squirmy Easter, this is one of the few pics I got..

They really are BFFs...

SOOO tired at Kyle's B-day party...

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ash lala said...

I, too, am puzzled by the "let's cover our hair with other hair" part of Orthodoxy.

Love the bubble-hawk. Stylish.