A Cockeyed Optimist

The emotional see-saw that I have been on lately must have had something to do w/ my hormones as breastfeeding begins to taper off (we are down to only 3 or 4 feedings a day) and my body gets back to being...well, my own again, I guess. In the past few of weeks a fog of melancholia had settled about me like a musty grey shawl.
And then, like someone opening a window, things just started getting better this week. I attribute this to the following:

1. A quartet of guys got on the subway with us last week and harmonized beautifully to "The Lion Sleeps Tonite" as Gwendy and Lulu beamed on.

2. I saw three pre-teen girls in private school uniforms help an old lady carry her rolly-cart up the subway steps.

3. This rose has been blooming it's fool head off in my yard all week and there are buds all around it to indicate this will be a common occurrence this summer: (Please excuse badly framed photo as was holding baby whilst taking picture and attempting to keep said baby from nomming camera)

4. Gwendy has (finally!) begun to crawl, in an adorable awkwardly thumping manner that has me laying all kinds of "bait" (cell phones, jewelry, mail) to entice her to move towards it and make me laugh.

5. I had my very first mother's day.

6. I got a few ideas for a new play. I think I will try my hand at writing it whenever I get two minutes to rub together.

7. And finally, this is my husband:
(yes, those are "fangs" made of chicken bones)

8: And this is my daughter:


Ash said...

preteen girls? helping someone? there is hope for the world afterall...

ps: my catcha is "skent." Like, "I skent my knee."

The Fitzlosopher: said...

Can you beleive we will one day have our own "tweens"?? I think we'll just send them to the Island of Misfit Toys until they turn 20...