Shot Through the Leg, and You're to Blame....

....You give Polio a BAD NAME!! Gawd I love me some Bon Jovi.
So yeah, Gwen-monstress got her first round of shots, and she did just fine. She cried for about a minute- not even Super-Sonic Dolphin Scream,more like a little bit shocked and chagrined- and then was done. I couldn't look at that big mean needle going into that fat little thigh....but I held her and applied Mommy-comfort and she was fine. A bit sleepier than usual at home, but other than that, just the same. Except now immune to like four potentially debilitating diseases! Viva modern medicine! Way to go, Mr. Salk.
I think we heard our first Gwendy laugh today too! It was sort of a wheezy baby-donkey sound. It was incredible enough to send me into all sorts of undignified shenanigans to make it happen again, I tell you. I think its in Peter Pan where every babies first laugh turns into a fairy; I now believe it's so. That laugh could cure cancer. It could create world peace and give everyone free healthcare with no tax increase and make Kim Jong Il dance the Electric Slide. It rocks, that laugh. I will attempt to capture on video in the coming days.


Anne said...

I think a baby's laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds in the universe!

C. said...

I'm addicted to baby laughs, coos, smiles, etc. I admit it.