I guess this is growing up...

When I was a kid, one of the things I thought was coolest and most "adult" about my mom was her purse. It smelled like leather and spearmint gum, and had all manner of odd things floating around in it; lipsticks worn down to the dregs, hardware from a door she needed to replace, the bulletin from church the previous week, a half-roll of chocolate Velamints when she was trying to quit smoking, a 3 pound set of keys that would make a janitor blush, and so on. I could look in her purse and instantly get a sense of my mom- her busy, loving, awesomely chaotic life, raising 3 kids on her own and working full time and still having dinner with all of us sitting around the table each night- all contained in one convenient bag. To me, I knew once I was really, truly a grown up, I would have such a purse.

Today I went in my purse looking for a receipt and instead of finding it I came up with an empty camera case, a usb drive, diaper coupons, 7 letters I need to put in the mail box, a free lotion sample, and wafting over it all, the smell of leather and spearmint. I have arrived, folks. I have arrived. I am officially all growed up.

And now, the week in photos:

Reading "Where's the Bone?" with Daddy. Will the great mystery of that pesky bone's whereabouts ever be solved?? I beleive it was last seen "Up in the sky".

With Bunbun, her best good friend. I bought him when I found out I was preggo, and she got him the day she was born.

In an outfit Aunt Alex made. Looks cute, and apparently tastes good too!


Ashley said...

that last picture is to die for. she's like "can you believe that I have all this cuteness, all of it stuffed inside little ol' me?!"

and "Where's the Bone" will continue to delight for years to come. lulu has just figured out that she can hide the bone herself... in the mountain, in the little car... in the fishbowl...

C. said...

Dang! We don't have that book but it sounds like a must-read.