2 Months Old!

Hard to believe, but our little girl is already 2 months old as of this week. The changes happen so fast, I can't even keep track of them. It's so cool to watch her sassy little personality developing.

Gavin goes back to work tomorrow- we both feel the way you do when you're a kid and summer vacation is about to end. But, we have had an amazing 6 weeks together- the longest we've ever spent w/ neither of us working, and yet the busiest time of our lives! Gav marked the occasion by getting rid of the pirate goatee he had grown over the past few weeks. Also, he discovered he gained a bit (read- more than Gwendy weighs) of weight since he stopped working. HA! Sweet vengeance! Take that, Freakish Metabolism Man! Now watch him loose that poundage in like, 6 minutes. Bastardo.

Tuesday is her first round of vaccinations- I am sort of dreading it. The idea of inflicting pain on such an innocent little monkey sucks. A lot. But I know it's for the best. Sigh.

Here's about a million photos of our gal to commemorate her reaching the 60 day mark!

Um, is her hair looking a bit red? Will I get to live my dream of dressing her up like Anne of Green Gables?

It was Grandma's birthday! Gwendy helped celebrate it by being lovely.


She appears nervous about this bath. Probably because it was the result of being covered in poop and was unexpected.

Right before Gavin got rid of his Paternity Leave Goatee:

Our last day of paternity leave in front of our new building:

Gwendy decided not to scream in rage every time Grandpa picked her up this weekend. It was a pleasant change for all involved:

In her honorary cousin Lucy's former clothes, looking a-freakin-dorable. Yeah, I'm biased. So what?


Ash said...

omigoodness I want to kiss her all over!! (I mean Gwendy, not you Nicole, just in case there is any confusion.)

She is SO alert and adorable and isn't that stripey onesie-skirt-dress the cutest thing, ever? I stuffed Lucy into that even after she was too big for it.

I can't wait until she and Lu are getting into all kinds of trouble together.

Phil said...

Where's the 'like' button?

C. said...

Gwendy is one cute baby! Isn't it crazy how fast time goes? But then sometimes you're like, uh, wait, it's only been 12 weeks? Cuz it feels a LOT longer! That feeling comes over me at my most sleep-deprived moments of course. ;)
The good times are also chaning over here because my man goes back to work next week too. Yikes!!!
Hope the Dr. visit went okay - never fun with the shots.