Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog.

So Christmas was....AWESOME. So much fun spending time w/ Joy and Joey and Mom and Dad, and all the rest of the lovely peeps that make up my New York mafia of loved ones. You have not lived until you have seen my motley crew of family play Cranium. Let's just say Gavin, my salty dad, and my 85 year old Grammy were on one team. I haven't laughed so much in I don't know how long (at one point, Dad had to use Gavin as a living puppet so Grammy could guess the clue "lawn mowing). And it was really cool that my VERY divorced parents were both willing and happy to have a combined Christmas dinner and play silly games together like fools. My parents rock.

My one regret is that I never got to see Ash, what with work schedules/fam schedules/the powers of the universe conspiring against us, but I think I will be able to see her in the Fresno in a coupla weeks.

In baby news, my belly has decided to make an appearance. Really, the difference is startling for only a few weeks time having elapsed since last photos. I will post sumthin of it in the next day or so, once I get my camera unpacked. Oh, and everyone, man, woman and child, should go out and get some maternity jeans. They are jeans, but with cozy stretchy tee-shirt material band instead of a zipper or button. AHHHhhhhhh. So comfy.

SO back in LA, where it is a balmy 70 degrees and the palm trees are a'dancin. Not such a bad deal.

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