Sometimes A Cigar...

Conversation at Work,Yesterday:

Co-worker One: "What I never got was that whole deal with Monica Lewinsky and the cigar. Like, that's just weird".

Co-Worker Two: "It wasn't a cigar. It was the case"

CW1: "What the hell were they doing with it??"

CW2: "Dude, do you want me to draw you a fucking diagram??? What do you think they did with it?!"

CW1: walks away and goes back to his office. He is silent a while as he Googles a few things. And then:

CW1: "Dude, it wasn't a cigar box. It was a cigar tube!!"

CW2: "Of fucking course it was a tube! What did you think I meant?"

CW1: "Well I didn't know, I thought you meant the box. Thats why I was confused."

Nicole: "Dude, did you seriously think they were using a full cigar box?? How the hell would that even work? What did you think they were doing with it???"

CW1: {angrily} "Well, cigars usually don't come in a tube. They come in a box. So that's why I was confused! Clearly you guys know nothing about cigars. "

Nicole: {laughing her ass off}"Well, just so you know, there is no orrifice on a woman that could accomodate a cigar box. Clearly you know nothing about women."

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