Happy Easter!

We had a lovely holiday at our house! Missed Joy, who had to work, and of course our beloved West Coast Fam, who are waaay too far away, but still, a beautiful day. Gwen was a doll all day, and found Easter Egg hunting both fun and...well....kind of weird. I mean, how do you wrap your not quite 2 year old mind around the concept that some creature went around your yard laying neon colored eggs which you are meant to gather?

Gavin made the best Easter dinner I have ever had, and we had way too much dessert. So yeah, perfection. Oh, and tomorrow I'll put up some pics of the Fitzys trip out East!

Getting her basket on:

I know I'm biased, but...

Uncle Go-gee!

Gettin down to bidness:

Mom and Joey:

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Debbie @ OtRD said...

What fun, looks like a great time!!

(p.s. Love your blog background!!)