A Brave New Blog

So, I bit the pricey bullet and got a laptop. Well, to be more accurate, I launched a 6 month campaign to the hubs, about how much work I could get done, how much easier life would be, etc., until he agreed that it would be a great and damn near necessary investment. And then I back-peddled about the money, hemmin' and hawin', until the tables were turned and it was him convincing me. Because in a perverse way, that's how I avoid buyer's remorse ("He MADE me get one!") Yes, I am demented. But I have a lovely new computer! Whee!!
So here's my hope: it will lead to blogging more. Because really, the main reason I don't currently find time to fire off my deep, meaningful missives is simply because by the time I get Gwen to bed, dinner wrapped up, the house cleaned, work-related loose ends snipped off or tied up, the only thing I want is to lounge on my couch and stare into the abyss. Or stare at RuPaul's Drag Race. Sitting on the Purgatorial plastic Ikea office chair at the computer in my makeshift office/guest room does not sound at all appealing. Case in point, I am currently ensconced on aforementioned couch, a cheese danish resting on the arm, a pug snoring at my leg, and typing away.
And why would I like to resume blogging? Because I like to write, and I read once that you should try to write a little every day. While I can't reasonably hope for that, once a week would beat the pants off of the current status quo.
So there you have it. I will try to get some pics and pregnancy status update slapped up here in the very near future. Now don't get all excited and run your cars off the road or nothin.

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