In the Summertime

Well let's see- we had a spectacular 4th of July. Went to Kevin and Joy's out in the Hamptons and took their new boat out for a spin in Sag Harbor. Aint we swanky? Gwen was not into going in the water (big bodies of water kind of wig her a bit) but loved being on the boat. And I got to jump in the ocean for the first time in like, forevers. And then BBQ and hangin' out and the Southampton Parade and all that good 4thof July stuff.

In other news, it has been as hot as first 8 circles of hell here as of late (isn't the ninth one where the devil is like freezing himself in place w/ his bat wings? Dante? Can you help me on this one? Oh, sorry, you've been dead for a really long time so no, I guess not). I honestly don't mind heat the way I mind cold, what with our little window ACs doing their bestest, but I am ready for this junk to be over. It makes me sleepy and depressed and that's no way to be when there's a Gwendy around, demanding games and snacks and "UP! UP! UP!".

My lovely inlaws took Gwen for some official-type portraits for her one-year birthday. Below are the lovely results, as well as some birthday highlights.

Elmo was introduced to make her smile. I should have known he'd become the center of her universe for the next half hour and she'd refuse to part with him...

"As God is my witness, I will never be without Elmo again!"

First thing she did when cake prop was introduced: rip that little "1" right off.

"Fools. I am surrounded by fools, and God help me, I like it."

And now, candids:

In her Queen Bee hat at her party, kersplashing in her water table.

I made the flower and bee cake and it was great. Until I cleft the pink petals in twain to serve them and they looked like cake-vaginas. True story.

The yellow center was all for Gwen. And she did love it.

Part of the photo series "Gwen Feeds Everyone Cake"

Reading "I Am A Bunny" with Grampa. A lot less dark than "I Am Legend", lemme tell ya.

My Birthday Girl


Optimus Primate said...


C. said...

Darling, simply darling.

The heat is not so fun here either (my heart goes out to all 'yall because of that famous East Coast humidity) but we have the boys in swim lessons at a community pool and that's been super fun.

Maybe your friends could let you live on the yacht until mid-September? :)