Of Fishes and Funnel Cakes

We had a brief break in the humidity (HALLELUJAH!!) and took advantage of it by going to Coney Island for the day. We knew it was close to us, but woah!, it took us literally only 15 minutes from our doorstep by F train and you were smack in the middle of the Boardwalk, sun, beachy goodness, and the New York Aquarium. A kick-ass day ensued:

Our Beloved F:

The view from the Pier:

First Boardwalk Hot Dog!

Exploring the wonders of NY's own Sheapshead Bay at the Aquarium:

Jellyfish and Alien Baby!

And Bonus! Gwendy in the Sun Pictures! :)


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Ashley said...

She has officially entered another "Child of Gavin Fitz" phase! Look at that girl! She is all hers daddy right now.

ps - I think you should name your next child "Monar." That's the captcha I got.