Please Read this Blog Using an Irish Accent in Your Mind...

...Because it's all about St. Patrick's day! It turns out, some dude drove some snakes somewheres, so we get to go to the city dressed in green and see our relatives and have a nice pint of Guinness and eat Corned Beef. Which is Jewish, but ok. Besides some issues about ending up on the wrong side of town, and Gavin having a decent case of Pink Eye, it was an alltogether perfect day. As evidenced by the many photos here:

The ladies in green:

Waiting for the F train with Joy and Kristen (and strollers full of babies):

Cousins Erin and Meghan. Those are their names year-round, not just on Paddy's day..

We made it just in time to see Uncle Andrew march with the firemen:

Gwen and cousin Sean, perusing the lunch menu:

Uncle Andy:

"No thank you, I only like my Guinness warm, like they serve it in the auld country."

Stopped in to see Nana at work. She wore no green, so Gwen pinched her. And then watched Elmo videos in her office:

Granola bar on the train home keeps everyone happy:


Optimus Primate said...

Lurve, lurve, lurve the first picture.

Ash said...

Even the stroller is green. That girl is well accessorized.