To Catch Everyone Up

I waited a pretty long time from knowing about the impending bean-birth to tell everyone- just wanted to let Gav and I get used to the idea, plus I think it was better to wait until we are out of the "danger zone". Having said that, not blogging about the thing that was obviously first and foremost in my mind for the last 7 weeks has been hard. So I'll catch y'all up now.

First, we found out the night of the first presidential debate. I took a test at home by myself on a hunch- and lo and behold, my hunch was extra hunchy. The test I took was one with lines, and the experience was so surreal I swore I was dreaming it up. So I walked myself to the CVS around the corner, mumbling "No way. Can I be? No way." the whole walk. I bought a pack of digital tests, figuring they are less ambiguous than a faint pink line. Here was the result:

SO yeah, pretty clear, huh? So now came the elation (we had decided this was the year we wanted to have a baby) and the fear (SOOOOOO much could go wrong! It was still super early -I was only 1 day late! I drank coffee and had a few glasses of wine the night before! GAHHH!!). Once Gavin was home, I told him and he, as one would imagine, flipped out. He made me take the other tests in the box so he could "see them change!". All positive. All awesome. It was one of the best moments of our married life. But then the waiting game- hoping the pregnancy would stick, and trying not to get too attached (it turns out that almost half of new pregnancies don't last, but they end so soon, women didn't even know it had happened- their cycle just continues like normal).

At first, I didn't really feel any difference except for the most crippling fatigue I have ever had in life. I would drop for 3 hour naps in the middle of the day and still sleep another 9 hours at night. By week 6 though, I was getting pretty nauseous- like a bad hangover that doesn't go away. I had to constantly munch on saltines to keep my belly from punishing me. I think I always thought I'd magically dodge this part of pregnancy- my belly has up until now been a pretty loyal compatriot. Traitorous belly.

And then, our first ultrasound. And wow. Really. It was incredible. There, in my belly, was this little potato with a heart beat. It didn't really look much like a baby, but I heard its heart beating big and loud and knew this was really, truly happening.

We gradually told our immediate families (only the ones that lived far away and we couldn't tell in person). We met my sister at the airport with a sign that said "Welcome Aunt Joy!". After that we got to tell Gavin's folks- on Halloween as a matter of fact. When they walked up to our house Halloween night, this is what they saw:

I can tell you, it's harder than it looks to carve words in pumpkins! So now, here we are, just beginning week 13. The nausea is tapering off, but my appetite is still running rampant. I just try to eat as much healthy stuff as I can, with occasional allowances for junky cravings. So now, I will finish up with a couple of very unimpressive belly pics. First, 6 weeks, to use as a control so to speak:

And this, from the same week (6). I am including this because I am making a face that indicates how silly I feel taking these pictures:

And then this one, at week 10 I think:

I confess- some of this was certainly the result of bloated food-belly, another fun symptom of early pregnancy. But somethin's a brewin' in there...fo sho. I will post another belly pic sometime this week, and behold, you shall see my bump. So there you have it- my first trimester in a nutshell. So, onwaaaaaaard!!


Lisa said...

#1- Congrats!!!!! How exciting!!!
#2- You are so freaking skinny...Can I borrow your uber flat stomach for the next 9 months?

The Fitzlosopher: said...

Thanks! :)
Yeah, Lord knows I wont be needing it...

C. said...

Because I know at least 17 other women who are currently pregs I am now convinced somethin's in the water! ;)

I am so happy for you two! And how cool that you're a week ahead of me. I too decided I would just take the test on my own on a hunch after only being late one day and I also freaked out after I saw those two pink lines staring me right in my terrified face.

My due date is June 13th but you never know - our babies might end up sharing a birthday!

Maureen said...

So much going on for you lately: new apartment, new car, NEW BABY!!!


Ashley said...

AAAAAIIIEEE! Nicole with belly pictures! Too, too fabulous.

The Fitzlosopher: said...

Ash- Please note how completely I am letting go of vanity by allowing said horrid pictures to exist on the internets. Why, oh why, do we always decide to do belly pics at like 11 dark thirty at night? S'ok, though- it's in the interest of SCIENCE. Or at least, amusement.
C- I know! Think of how fun it will be watching eachothers ultrasounds, etc. We'll have to hook up post birth for a baby meeting!
Mo- Seriously- it's like the year of fantabulous change. Also, more stuffed shells please!