It's almost here....break out your robo coupes!

I seriously cannot wait for another season of this:

Seriously, if you've never gotten into this show, and you are even a semi-foodie, I encourage....nay, urge you to watch. It starts on Wednesday. I love reality tv when actual talent is involved, rather than a parade of shitty personalities we would never abide in real life. Bravo is really the only station that makes such shows, especially now that America's Next Top Model has so thoughroughly jumped the shark that even I cannot bear it (and I will watch damn near anything with pretty photos at the end of it).

Thank God for my DVR. Which, ok, if you don't have one, get one. Mine costs me 10 bucks a month, and actually allows me to get use out of my cable tv, which would otherwise be a giant waste. All that is ever on when I'm home is that show about the Little People and reruns of misnomered "Everybody Loves Raymond" that harpy Rachel Ray. Oh, and they show the movie "The Mummy Returns". A lot. Which makes me feel like this:

SO yeah, Top Chef. Hallelujah.


linda said...

You are one strange little lady....i like you!
I cracked up reading your blog....and "CONGRATS" on the coming baby.
Thanks for the humor. It is always needed and so deeply appreciated.

linda said...
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The Fitzlosopher: said...

Thanks for the kind word! :)