I love....

-Being married to a true friend. The kind who knows you have no books for the train the next day so he goes out and gets you a new one he thinks you'll like. I wake up every day next to this person and wonder how we found eachother in such a big world.

- New York Pizza.

-Finding new things in a monologue I have done for over 12 years.

-Pumpkin carving contests. We plan on winning the GRAND PRIZE this year in our building. Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

-Friends that are passionate about their beliefs, whatever they may be. Unless, of course, they are passionate in their belief in killing me, or taking my aforementioned pizzas. Then, not as much.

-The taste of water from the bathroom tap when you get up in the middle of the night and clear that gross sleep taste out of your mouth.

-My sister. And the fact that we can spend a whole week together doing everything or nothing and still have a kick-ass time.

-Cheesy scarey movies all halloween week long. 'Jeepers Creepers', anyone?

-Paying off debt.

-Dogs in costume.

-Babies in costume.

-Sour Patch Kids, by the pair. One at a time are never as good. Jelly Bellies, on the other hand, are meant to be eaten one precious bean at a time.

-Obama, before he becomes president and screws it all up.

-Slipper Socks.

-The year to come.

That is all. Well, not all the things I love, but all the things forefront in my mind right now. Bitches.


Optimus Primate said...

OMFSM! I am totally a sweet-and-sour + honey-at-the-same-time nugget dipper. And people look at me all askance when I do it. It's disturbing that I find myself relieved to find that someone else eats nuggets exactly the same way.

The Fitzlosopher: said...

Have you tried honey-plus-BBQ? that is another fave....and...dare I say it....nugget dipped in vanilla shake.......drool.....

Anne said...

Rally's Buffalo Chicken Strips knock the socks off MCD's nuggets.

As for something I love that no one knows - the smell of old books. Almost as nice as the smell of clean babies. Or puppies.

The Fitzlosopher: said...

I agree about the books. I smell an old book and I am instantly 12 again, wandering around the library there after school.

Optimus Primate said...

You people are making me feel not nearly as weird as I know I am.

Honey + BBQ? Check!
Old books? Check!
Puppies? Check!

Nuggets + vanilla shake... *cue sound of stylus being dragged across vinyl*

Seriously? Ewww. Weirdo!

Kelly said...

I love the smell of old books, too! And I love warm sun mixed with cool air...like in the Sierra Nevadas in spring. And I love wildflowers! And I love when my husband says something really funny...because he always tries so hard to be funny and is often not. When he hits the mark and makes me laugh he looks so happy! And I love that!

The Fitzlosopher: said...

Optimus, don't knock it tills ya try it. And french fries in Wendy's frostys. Oh gawd...

Ash said...

I love my mom chats on blogs with my friends about things they have in common.

That has to be rare...