Me and Phelps Current mood: amused

First, a conversation that occured at 3:45am this morning as I drove Gavin into work:

Him: "Thanks for driving me, babe. {sings in bad Irish accent} 'And I love her soooo.....I wouldn't trade her for gold...'"

Me: "That song is kind of lame. Like, 'I love my woman so much, I wouldn't trade her for money.' Wow, how big of you."

Him: "Yeah, but it's a leprechaun song, and leprechauns like, NUT for gold. So it means more".

Me: "Good point. So leprechaun porn would just be pictures of piles of gold, and on-location photo shoots from fort knox..."
In other news, quite a few friends have pointed out to me that Gavin has a passing resemblance to Michael Phelps. This actually helps me out a bit, morally, as I do so lust after the Phelps. I can kind of see what people are talking about- they have some similar features, and both can look either kind of hot (in my 'umble opinion) or charmingly goofy depending on how the camera grabs them:


Whaddya think?

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