Come Sit On My Couch

So, all is well in the world of Gav and Nicole. I am, however, finally starting to feel the pinch of our current shitty economy. Grocery bill is higher, gas is kicking me in the ass, and there seem to be less bargains in the world- which for me is like cutting a junky off from her smack. I do so love to find "a good deal".

I did, however, score one such deal last week. Many of you will recall the saga of our futon,and how much I hate it with the white hot fury of a bonfire fueled with unicorns. I hate the awkward angle one must affect to sit on a futon. I hate the cheap pine arms of it. I hate the fact that it broke 3 days after we got it home and I fixed it with a metal plate from Home Depot and some finishing nails. Most of all I hate the "We-are-in-Undergrad-come-over-and-have-whatever-beer-happens-to-be-on-sale-and-don't-worry-if-you-get-too-buzzed-to-drive-we-have-a-FUTON-you-can-sleep-on-just-don't-vomit-on-it" vibe it gives off. I am, afterall, a woman grown.

Well, we finally took the plunge and got a new couch. A couch I have named Graybones. Cause it's gray. I got it at 60% off from Pier One- they added an extra 10% cause I pointed out it was a floor model (in perfect condition, nonetheless.) They also agreed to keep it till we get the uhaul for the move next week! Such a deal! It is swoopy and neo-classical and I lerv it. Or him. I think he's a boy.

So come over and sit on my couch in September. We are thinking of doing a house-warming brunch, if funds/schedules permit. You haven't lived until you've had Gavin's marscapone blueberry stuffed French toast and mimosas on Graybones, the Wonder Couch...Couch of Redemption and Light. Couch of the Ages. Couch of my Heart.

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