Cutting the Cord

Hoo boy, have we done it now.  For the first time in about 4 years, we are going to live without cable television.  This choice was made with two major considerations in mind: 1. Cable is mighty expensive, and with the new house we need to trim some fat from the budget.  And 2. DEAR LORD THERE IS AN UNHOLY AMOUNT OF CRAP ON TV.  Like seriously you guys, there is a reality show about competitive taxidermy.  For reals: 

Any who, we came up with a couple of alternatives.  First, for only a little more than the cost of one month of our cable service we bought an Apple TV.

Basically it allows us to see content like Netflix, Hulu, etc. on our TV.  And because it's in with the Apple Cult to which we are fervently devout, we can listen to our music on our computer, and anything we download via iTunes is available on all our devices (laptop, phones, iPad-if-we-had-one).  So we are not bereft.

Granted, Gav is going to miss sports.  But he can watch quite a bit on the computer and, well, life is pain, Princess.  I think this will help keep our kids from being sold plastic piles of crap during their favorites shows and will help us to do more working on the house and less mulling over the woes of various Real Psychic Chef Runway Teen Moms of New York.  And oh, there's that 100+ bucks a month.  So yeah.

When I called the cable people to disconnect the guy acted like I was breaking up with him.  He tried to plead with me ("Ma'am, don't you think you'll MISS your local news shows?")  He tried to bribe me ("What if I can give you $75 at the end of a three month period?? THAT'S FREE MONEY, MA'AM!") Finally he resorted to scorn and sadness("I'm sorry, I just CAN'T BELIEVE you are not taking this deal.  With all due respect, I just don't get it.")  But finally, with a resigned sigh he sent a guy out to do the deed.

It's just been an hour since the roly-poly rosy-cheeked cable man took my DVR away, and...um....I do feel the beginnings of withdrawal.  Like, how will I watch Ru Paul's Drag Race and learn who is America's Next Drag Superstar? Or find out if they'll pick house number 3 even though there's no double sink in the master bath??    

I'm gonna go chew some gum and find some Steve Guttenberg movies on Netflix.  Wish me luck.

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Optimus Primate said...

Don't forget: you can also connect an antenna to your HDTV and receive local broadcasts, in HD, for free.