My Joyful Mess

For some reason on this cloudy morning I am struck by the happiness of my life. It is not anything resembling the life I would have constructed for myself 5 years ago if, like a director of a play, I could have manipulated the setting and costumes and characters, but I must say it is far richer and more lovely than anything done "on purpose"; only happy accidents end up this perfect.

I have a husband who understands me. Can I just stop at that for a moment- the crazy magic of one person in all the people really understanding you, and happening to have that person be your spouse? I have a daughter who is the physical manifestation of sunlight. I am surrounded by vibrant artistic friends who challenge and yet love me warts and all. And I have a family with whom I am cozy enough with to be myself- Bitchymyself, Vulnerablemyself, Reallymyself. Oh, and I have a son safe in my belly reminding me every 15 minutes or so with his barrel rolls and kicks that life itself is a blue-eyed miracle that we should just stand back and admire like slack-jawed tourists at the Grand Canyon.

My days are spent thinking about politics and art and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and lofty future goals and how best to get oatmeal out of the carpet (let the dogs do it). I plan and soothe and clean and do funny dances and keep our little ship sailing in the right direction, and am so, so thankful for every minute of it. I fall into my bed each night thoroughly, happily exhausted.
So to sum up, life is good. Really, really good. Thank you God.

Photographic Proof:

The thing about New York Winter- you get New York Spring:

Found this art-installation in my window:

The artist was on hand to explain her work:

It is on-going:

By now, he is a crib-building expert:

Almost done w/ Kiddo's room:

Prospect Park en route to the zoo:




Voicegal said...

What a lovely post and what a great writer you are!

The Fitzlosopher: said...

Thanks! :)

Phil said...

Love it. Miss you guys something terrible... That being said, we're so happy for y'all.

C. said...

This life sounds good to me!