8 Months of Gwendy!

Can you believe it? Gwen officially turned 8 months old yesterday!!
This past month has been crazy-busy for our gal Gwen. I will make a list:

Events: A much needed visit from Gramma all the way from California! Also, Aunt Joy's Birthday party and her first Valentine's Day.

Physical Stuff: She cut her first tooth this week, after months of drooling and anticipation. Still no crawling, and nothing that appears to resemble a desire to crawl. She mostly likes to sit in someones lap or on the floor, playing, and so far doesn't feel the need to locomote. Fine by Momma! Oh, and now we have baths in the sink, w/ out the baby tub. She has sprouted lots more blondy-brown hairs too.

Food: She is up to three meals of solids per day, along with breastfeeding.

Sleep: Pretty much sleeping through the night (though we still nurse once before I go to bed and then again at around 5 am). Learning to find the paci in bed for herself (and the fact that there are like 10 of them in her crib) helped a lot.

Words: She says "Mama!" now to me instead of babbling "Mamamamama!" like she used to. Sometimes she throws out an "Eh!" which we think means "Emmy!". Daddy kind of feels like chopped liver since the dog appears to have gotten a mention before him, but what can you do? "Eh" is easy to say, and plus, she licks Gwen's face and fingers, which never fails to crack her up.


There are not words. She is our sun in the morning and our moon at night. I feel so incredibly privileged God picked us for her parents, and each day is a new amazing adventure. And now, some pics:

Her first Valentine, from Daddy:

Bath time with Gramma:

If kisses had calories, I'd be on that TLC show about the Half Ton Mom...


C. said...

Adorable! Augie and Liam are totally impressed with her "pincher" skills. They seem to think they've been missing out on those puffs! If we only lived 3,000 miles closer Gwendy could teach the boys how to say Momma on command and they could teach her how to crawl like a champ!

The Fitzlosopher: said...

My God, there'd be no stopping them!!:)