For those of you who don't know, my Dad passed on October 20th, the day after I last posted. Thank you again to all of my loved ones for your prayers and kind words- they go further than you will ever know.

I tried to write about this fall a few times, but I can't yet.

So instead here are more pictures of my Fall of 2009, which I spent in New York, enjoying my Dad and the rest of my family.
Gwendy meets cousin Sean on our first day out East:

And Uncle Joe:

Gwendy and Grumpa:

Gwen and Kyle's First Date:

One of our many walks:

Gwendy and her "G G":

Obligatory Nekked Baby pic:

Gwendy and Kyle's Second Date:

Aunt Kathy, Baby Whisperer:

At "Hank's Pumpkin Town" in her Halloween costume:

"I Hate Pumpkin Town."- G. Fitz

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Joseph said...

LOL what a good day that was