Our First Fortnight!

As of yesterday, our little Gwendy-bird is 2 weeks old! To celebrate, we visited her arch nemesis, the pediatrician. Seriously, why are all the things peds do so howl-inducing? I've heard Gwendy make noises in that office she's never made at home. They stripped her down (which she hates) and put drops in her eyes (which she SUPER hates) and made me take my pinky out of her mouth so they could take a look down her throat (which caused world-melting Super-Dolphin-Scream, which Mommy REALLY REALLY HATES).

But great news- not only is she incredibly healthy- she now weighs 8lbs, 4 oz, which is a 10oz gain from her birth weight!! They always hope babies get back to birth weight by day 10, and here's my little champ seeing them and raising them. I must admit, I was proud as punch, as it is my hard-earned milk adding on all that new padding.

My mom, sister and grammy were out all last week to meet our girl; photos ensued:

And, BONUS, some lists:

Things that are harder than I expected:
1. Lack of Sleep- Because, really, you can't understand lack of sleep until you are experiencing lack of sleep. It colors everything- and I have a so-called 'easy baby' who drops off for 3 hours at a clip! Wow. Imagine a true wailer.....boggles my mind.

2. My Dogs- All my waking hours are spent tending to my human child, so my fur-children are getting the short end of the stick for now. And that makes me feel really crappy, cause like, I love them. But we'll get the hang of it soon and make it up to them.

3. Dealing with Unsolicited Advice- New moms are at their most vulnerable and insecure, cause they love their babies and want the best for them and yet have relatively little experience in making that happen. So all the conflicting advice from well-meaning folks and over-bearing books is totally a mind screw.

4. It's SO Not About Me Anymore- I never have much time to do anything for myself these days, up to and including showering and eating dinner with both hands. So it's an adjustment, not just living for your own needs. Luckily I love the creature whose needs come first more than my own person, so it's not too hard.

Things that Are Easier than I Expected:
1. Breastfeeding- we had one or two awful days, but now we are like fishes in water. The only drawback is I look like I went to Mexico for a cheap boob job that no doctor would be willing to do in the States. They are ridiculous, folks. Seriously. I had prepared for breastfeeding to suck out loud- and while it is not easy, I really do enjoy having her wee hand pat me on the bosom while she nurses as if to say "Thanks Mom, for walking around looking like Anna Nicole Smith for my nourishment!".

2. Saying No to People- If I don't feel up to it, or if it is not conducive to Gwen's well-being, I don't do it. No. And no. And no again. So there.

3. Poo Diapers/Spit up/ Etc.- They're not really that gross in general (all they eat is milk, after all) and not gross at all when it's your kid. Plus all that Emmy Orifice Maintenance is coming in handy, cause nothing shakes me now.

4. Knowing I am a Really Good Mom- Cause I just know it. And that's pretty cool.


C. said...

First of all, let me give you some advice. JK!! ;)

I so so hear you on now knowing just what 'lack of sleep' really is. Funny how little sleep you can get by on.

Looks like your family is getting along swimmingly. Baby G is as cute as can be.

Kelly said...

Okay, so I really am going to give you some unsolicited advice:

Do what feels right. Listen politely to all the well-meaning advice givers...but do what strikes a chord within you. People, including my doctor, told me to wean Gavin off the boob at 1 year...a) I didn't want to b) he didn't want to c) most other countries don't do this. I nursed him well after 1 year and I am not sorry for it. Also, we co slept with both babies...many people told me not to. I did anyway because it felt natural to me. DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT!!! She's beautiful and you're glowing.

Ash said...

You're such a good momma already, but I knew you would be. Kiss that bebe for me!