Chunks Of Life, To You, From Me

a. I am feeling much better- for those of you not friended by me and therefore unable to read the health issue blog, it is all good and I am all good. And my raging hatred for hospitals has been fanned into full flame, once again.

b. It is cloudy here, and the weather people are acting like the second coming is nigh, and the Four Horsemen of the Appocalypse will be galloping down Sunset Boulevard at any moment, and all those weird 3 headed unicorns and shit from the book of Revelations will move to NoHo. Because it may rain. California, I mean this in the best way possible, but you really need to grow a pair.

c. I am already burnt out on the presidential race. This is the true test of all politicians- who can annoy me the least before my vote gets cast. "Mwah, he said this and he's a big poop!" , "Well she's a biggoted smelly face!". "I'm telling!". And these people want to run the country? It's enough to make me move to a kibbutz Except I'd have to leave the dogs, and that won't do. Otherwise, the kibbutz. All day.

d. I have gotten belatedly into The Office (American Version)- a co-worker leant me three seasons and I lerv it. I feel like a girl who finally got the New Kids on the Block lunchbox just as it became all about Guns N Roses. Like, 2 minutes past the coolness window. Fuck it, I have season three cooling it's heals in my desk drawer and I can't wait to get home and fill my heart with second hand embarassment at the antics of Dwight and Michael and draw connections to my co-workers.

e. I'd like some Chinese food for dinner, but not the shit you get here. the NY kind that's all cheap and delicious and delivered to your door.

f. You can tell yourself that baby carrotts are as good a snack as chocolate, but you will be lying. They don't even come close. They don't even get to go to the same college as chocolate, because their grades are too shitty and their parents are poor.
That's it for now.

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